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Jutsu Vision Vinyls

Pokémon Duskull Decal

Pokémon Duskull Decal

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Here are some of our favorite Ghost Type Pokémon for the spooky season! Perfect to have on your car windows.

This decal is at about 5-6" in length. If you want color, please contact us for a custom order.

If you are interested in a batch order, feel free to message us for more details!

The vinyl we use is premium quality and waterproof. Most colors will last through all weather conditions. Note!: Any metallic, oil slicks and chrome type vinyls are subjected to fade under long periods of exposure to UV rays. Be sure to keep in a shaded area if you intend for these vinyls to last you a longer period of time!

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact us directly.
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